If you get tired of “splashing around” in the sea, it is always good to know that you have the option of visiting various beautiful and interesting places.
Be sure to use your vacation in Petrčane as a chance to visit some of the national parks located in the wider area. As many as five of the eight Croatian national parks are located within two hours’ driving distance from Petrčane. Visit the Kornati NP, a beautiful group of 150 islands and islets; the Krka NP, which is located 80 km away from Zadar, will amaze you with its waterfalls and natural beauty; the Plitvička jezera NP, the oldest Croatian national park, which the UNESCO listed as one of its World Heritage Sites, is 130 km away from Zadar, while the Paklenica and Sjeverni Velebit NPs are located on the nearby Velebit Mountain. There are also two magnificent nature parks in the vicinity: The Telašćica Park, accessible via organised boat trips, and the Vrana Lake, the largest natural lake in Croatia, only 30 km away from Zadar. If you have an adventurous spirit, be sure to take the trip to the Zrmanja river and enjoy some canoeing and rafting. For lovers of history, archaeology and cultural heritage, a visit to the 3000-year-old city of Zadar and the earliest royal town of Nin is sure to inspire some unforgettable memories.