To the people of Zadar, Kalelarga is more than just a name of the city’s main street. It is a place of significance and a symbol of the city that, being a place for socialising and having fun, evokes memories of pleasant moments and events, of processions and folk festivals, and even first loves. It is said that this is where the love stories of many generations of Zadarians unfolded and came to an end.
During the age of the ancient Roman Empire, Zadar was built following the strict rules of Roman city planning, resulting in a network of several large longitudinal streets and a large number of lateral ones, which divided the city into large rectangular buildings called insulae. At that time one longitudinal street already ran from what is today the Land Gate to the Forum, while the other one, which stretched from what is today Petar Zoranić Square to the Church of Our Lady of Health, is precisely today’s Kalelarga.